Thursday, August 3, 2017

2017 Summer Library Highlights

I can't believe summer has come and gone like that!! Lots of great memories were made! Here are a few of the memories made...

* I have a new last name... Mrs. Messer!! I got married at the beginning of summer!

* We had an AMAZING group of students who participated in a SERVICE CLUB that Mrs. Teeples and Mrs. Goodman ran. They came in EVERY Wednesday and helped A LOT in the library during summer library. Some of the things they did were checking in & out books, marking off the punch cards for the Kona Ice treat, putting the books back on the shelves when books were returned, and helping out by reading books to other kids. I want to express how much I appreciate their help! I loved the service they provided in the library and seeing them every Wednesday in the library! I couldn't have done summer library without their help!!

* We had fun with our very own teachers and principals as our guest story tellers each week during summer library. A BIG SHOUT OUT to Mr. Dias & Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Thornton, Mrs. Cutler, Mrs. Baird, Mrs. Robinson, and Mrs. Gaddis for coming and reading to us!!


* Some of the reading activities for summer library were reading bingo and a reading bucket list. We had a few students participate and earn the fun "Swig" prize for completing the reading bucket list. It required reading 18 books, and depending on your age a certain amount needed to be chapter books. Here are the students that earned this prize! 

* The Kona Ice Truck came to Riverview for the 3rd consecutive summer library. We love having the Kona Ice come and be a part of our school's summer reading program! Thank you to all the families and students who came and joined us this summer at Riverview! It was so fun to see all of you and see you excited about reading!! I look forward to another great school year! Until next summer library! :)
- Mrs. Becky Messer

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